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Qui je suis

I am a CrossFitter. It’s an important part of my identity. Bringing health and happiness to the community has been my mission for the past 10 years.

I feel I occupy a unique position. I’m a Regional level athlete, run an  Affiliate, and I am a Director of a CrossFit-Sanctioned event. When I am not designing websites, I am immersed in the world of CrossFit. 

With that in mind, I would be honoured and excited to contribute to its future growth in any way I can. I am determined to give my energy, expertise and drive to ensure CrossFit reaches the highs it deserves. And not just for the obvious commercial benefits for the organization but for the positive transformative effects it has on all those that engage with the lifestyle.

Leader in the Sanctional(™) Community.

Leading other events' director to create new international opportunities.

Online Competition Growth

From the first  renowned online event in Canada to the creation of the 2020 International Online for Qualifier for Wodaplaooza, Filthy 150, SouthFit Challenge & Atlas Games.

Strong Commercial acumen.

2020 CrossFit ® Atlas Games, was going to be one of the few profitable events of the Sanctional(™) season.


Alexis Leblanc-Bazinet


P: +1.514.973.1322

W: +1.438.700.7158


Web Designer / Founder

Duck Marketing
  • Web designer

  • Multi project development 

  • Strategies consulting & implementation

  • Official Wix Partner

  • Soon to be Velo Certified (Wix Coding

2016 - Present

Event Director & Vice-President

Atlas Project inc.
  • Overall planning and strategy for live or virtual events

  • Define goals and success metrics

  • Best practices implementation & planning standards development

  • Sponsorship and partnership development


Event Director & Co-Founder

Zoo Battle & Filt50 Big League
  • ​Overall planning and strategy for live events

  • Define goals and success metrics

  • Best practices implementation & planning standards development

  • Sponsorship and partnership development


Vice-President & Co-Founder

Filt50 Clothing
  • Product development and marketing

  • Define goals and success metrics


Co-owner & Coach

CrossFit St-Jean
  • Responsible for the overall success of the facility and the acknowledgement of CrossFit methodologies

  • Provides training and instruction programs to individuals and groups



HEC Montreal


Bachelor of business administration.

Specialization in Marketing





  • Events & Online capabilities

  • Multilevel stakeholders knowledge

  • Partnership relationship building

  • Sales Process Mastery

  • Ability to lead with and without authority

  • Excellent project management skills

  • Results & deadline driven

  • Strategic thinker

  • Media experience both in front and behind the camera


Building and scaling the most prestigious CrossFit ® event in Canada.

Recognized as a pioneer in the fitness event industry in North America & Europe

© 2021 by Alexis Leblanc-Bazinet

I would like to be considered for the role of Virtual Competition Director.

I believe I have the experience and the skill-set to be very successful within this role.

It would be my honour to work at CrossFit LLC and I would be fully committed to creating the world's greatest platform for health, happiness & performance.

Please find attached a copy of my curriculum vitae. I look forward to discussing further with you, in the interim please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alexis Leblanc-Bazinet

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